Defective and Substandard Dental Implant Symptoms

Defective and Substandard Dental Implant Symptoms

Sep 11, 2017 — by Robert Gittleman Law Firm, PLC
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Dental implantsDental implants have become one of the most popular treatments for missing teeth in recent years. Implants offer strength, stability, and durability beyond that of traditional dental restorations. Unfortunately, defective dental implants or substandard dental implant treatment can lead to dental complications that require a time-consuming and costly cycle of additional dental treatments. When implants are placed incorrectly, or defective materials are used, patients may require procedures such as implant removal, bone grafting, implant replacement, implant correction, or implant repair.

Those who are experiencing defective and substandard dental implant symptoms should contact Michigan attorney Robert Gittleman to learn about their right to financial compensation. When dental implant failure is caused by dental malpractice, the dentist can be held liable for patient losses. Mr. Gittleman is experienced in dental law and will fight to ensure patients receive the full compensation they are due.

Symptoms of Defective or Substandard Dental Implants

Following dental implant treatment, patients go through a lengthy recovery period. Dental implant recovery involves side effects such as discomfort, bruising, and swelling. These symptoms are normal, but they should subside within a couple of weeks after dental implant treatment. If these symptoms persist, or if unexpected symptoms develop, it may be a sign of defective or substandard dental implants. Possible side effects of dental malpractice involving dental implants include:

  • Prolonged pain
  • Infection at the implant site
  • Excessive swelling or bleeding
  • Numbness at or around the implant site
  • Inability to chew or complete other oral functions
  • Dental implant failure

There are many factors that can lead to dental implant complications. While some of these are a result of the patient’s failure to properly care for the mouth and implants following dental implant treatment, many are a result of substandard dental care. Some practices that can lead to these symptoms include:

  • The dentist used an incorrect or outdated surgical technique
  • Substandard materials were used
  • The implant was placed too deep or at the wrong angle
  • The implant damaged surrounding nerves or tissues

Taking Legal Action

Defective and substandard dental implants are not a problem that can be easily corrected. It can take multiple surgeries and treatments to fix or replace these implants. Further, some patients will be left with a lifetime of complications, including pain, numbness, sinus problems, and asthma. All of this can amount to significant stress and discomfort, along with costly dental bills.

If dental malpractice is the cause of these problems, the patient may be due financial compensation for damages. It can be difficult to prove dental malpractice involving defective and substandard dental implants, but Mr. Gittleman has the knowledge, resources, and experience to get his clients the compensation they deserve.

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