When Looking Good Feels Bad

  Cosmetic Treatments Michigan

People seek cosmetic dental treatment anticipating improved appearance of their smile, teeth and face. Unfortunately, too many patients leave their dentist’s office with much less than they were promised or expected. Too often cosmetic crowns, veneers or bridges fail, fall off or are ill fitting. Sometimes treatment causes teeth, lip or facial aesthetics to be unattractive, even offensive, or require complete retreatment. Substandard cosmetic dentistry may also cause malocclusion, teeth pain, jaw joint dysfunction, severe face or head pain, or require root canals or extraction of mistreated teeth. Substandard COSMETIC TREATMENTS is a Dental Specialty at Robert Gittleman’s MICHIGAN Law Firm. If you suspect your Cosmetic Dentistry was performed improperly or you suffered injuries from negligent dentistry contact Robert Gittleman Law Firm, PLC for a consultation.

What You're Expecting

It is expensive to invest in a beautiful smile, but it shouldn't cost you your good health. Dentists often persuade patients, particularly female patients, to strive for a Hollywood smile with treatments to make them look younger. Sometimes cosmetic procedures are performed on normal, healthy teeth. A gap, mild discoloration, or disproportionate gums or teeth may be pointed out during general cleaning appointments or fillings to convince the patient to allow treatment he or she neither wanted nor needed in the first place.

If the dentist does not perform cosmetics competently, it can cause:

  • Lifetime injuries
  • Bone and gum destruction - periodontal disease
  • Blemished or discolored gums
  • Severe pain
  • Cosmetic deformity
  • Destroyed teeth

Often, treating these side effects requires:

  • Multiple root canal treatments
  • Bridges or partial dentures
  • Extractions
  • Lifetime treatment
  • Treatment costing thousands of dollars
  • Implants

Why Treatment Goes Wrong

Many dentists who advertise themselves as cosmetic specialists are not qualified to perform cosmetic treatments, nor are they performing them for the good of the patient. Misrepresentation of a dentist's ability is often used to justify expensive, invasive, and risky treatments for profit.

Take, for instance, dental crown or veneer placement. If not completed to precise standards, the treatment can cause improperly shaped, bulky, ill-fitting, and weak restorations. The crowns or veneers can pop off, destroying the underlying tooth structure, and sometimes require extensive retreatment. Substandard bridges can cause teeth loss and periodontal disease.

What Is the Next Step?

Nationally, including California, Florida, and Michigan patients suffering cosmetic treatment malpractice have been assisted by Robert Gittleman. With his education, experience, and aggressive approach to dental malpractice, Mr. Gittleman will uncover every detail of your treatment and injury to compel paying compensation you deserve. As one of the most referred attorneys for dental malpractice, Mr. Gittleman is nationally recognized for his leadership, superior representation, and unwavering commitment.

After your consultation at our law firm, Mr. Gittleman will compile the information to pursue your lawsuit, and he will inform you about the process, answering all your questions and addressing any concerns you may have.

Contact Us About Your Cosmetic Treatment

If you suspect dental malpractice during your cosmetic treatment caused injury or complication, contact Robert Gittleman Law Firm, PLC  to investigate if you have a case against your dentist. If you're unsure whether malpractice is at fault, it is best to let a professional decide for sure.

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